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3D Areola Reconstruction

3D Areola Restoration is the final step of reconstruction following mastectomy.  This beautiful work helps to restore the look for the nipple and areola and looks completely realistic, natural, and 3 dimensional, even on flat skin.  Our clients tell us this procedure helps them to feel "complete".  

Our master artist has years of experience.  Kimee has been a permanent makeup artist since 2003 and worked for several years in a plastic surgeon's office performing areola restoration.  In early 2017, she trained with a world-renowned artist from Europe and learned the VMM 3D Areola Restoration Method.  She is the only artist in Utah and one of only a few in the entire United States certified in this modality.  

When you come to your appointment, you will enjoy our beautiful, private, studio.  Kimee will carefully measure, pre-draw and work together with you to determine size, color, and texture desired.  You'll be placed on our comfortable, hydraulic treatment room table.  The micropigmentation process is similar to a traditional tattoo.  A small handpiece is used to place organic pigment into the skin.  Topical anesthetics are used to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure.  After the procedure, the treated area will be covered with a sterile dressing and you'll be given simply homecare instructions to follow.  

Support people - husbands, moms, friends - are always welcome.  Please bring only one support person.

In addition to micropigmentation, we also offer microneedling to reduce the appearance of scarring.  We can discuss this option during your treatment.  

Areola restoration is also appropriate for clients who naturally have uneven areolas or who want additional color.  It is also an option for those who have had unfavorable plastic surgery outcomes that require repair.

Unilateral - $650
Bilateral - $1200
Touch ups - $325 per areola

We will provide a detailed receipt upon request so you may submit it to your your insurance company requesting reimbursement.  

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