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Skin Spa Utah
Treatment Bootcamp
2023 City Weekly BEST Of Utah best acne 

Our Acne Bootcamp consists of two parts - effective in office treatments and home prescriptives tailored to your specific acne type and skin's needs.

During your first visit, you will complete a comprehensive questionnaire and your skin will be evaluated to determine the best in office and home care for you and your type of acne.  If you are under 18, we require that you are accompanied by your parent or guardian during your first appointment.  We will discuss how we will work together to get you clear.  You will also receive guidance on lifestyle changes you may need to consider.  Until your skin is clear, you will be seen in our office every two weeks.  We need to see you every two weeks because acne is difficult to clear and you will be using professional strength products to treat your acne.  As your skin adjusts, we need to adjust your home care to ensure your skin continues to respond.  During your office visits you will receive:

  • A current evaluation of your skin and home care regimen

  • Appropriate treatment for your skin which may include hydrating, a peel or enzyme treatment and extractions

  • Guidance for continued home prescriptive use until we see you again in two more weeks

  • Discuss lifestyle changes that you may need to consider to help clear your acne

  • Answers and support for any questions or concerns you have

  • At your first visit, you will purchase your first set of home prescriptive products.  You can expect to spend approximately $200 and these products will last approximately 2-3 months.

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