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Frequently Asked Questions

​What is Enzyme Therapy?
Unlike cosmetic treatments that work solely on the surface of this skin,  DMK Enzyme Therapy work with the body's chemistry to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin, detoxify and remove dead skin cells, and rebuild your skin's barrier.  This signature treatment begins by cleansing and detoxifying your skin, custom exfoliation to remove redundant skin cells, and personalized skin preparation prior to the enzyme based on your skin condition.   The signature DMK enzyme is placed on the skin and remains for 45 minutes.  The enzyme removes toxins through “reverse osmosis” and allows freshly oxygenated blood to flow to every cell.  DMK Enzyme Therapy effectively address a wide range of conditions such a aging skin, melasma, rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage.  DMK enzyme treatments improve the skin’s ability to function optimally and increase cellular regeneration and stimulation of collagen production.  When combined with DMK home prescriptives, skin is maintained and protected, resulting in sustainable results and optimal skin health.

What is Muscle Banding?
This custom DMK Skincare treatment begins with the Signature Enzyme Treatment above and adds Muscle Banding designed to lift and tighten sagging facial muscles by sending deep contracting signals to the face and neck. This remarkable DMK treatment works to revise the skin and stimulate new collagen production, while helping to restore optimal skin function.   DMK Muscle Banding is wonderful for men and women seeking to address loss of skin volume and elasticity, sagging skin, and other visible signs of aging.  The results speak for themselves, and visible results will be experienced after the first treatment, with cumulative results after additional treatments.  ​

How does it work?
DMK Enzyme Therapy is not a "facial" that simply treats the top of the skin.  It is the only treatment available of its kind that uses transfer messenger enzymes to provide optimal skin function at a cellular level.  It works with the internal functioning of the skin to increase circulation, oxygenation, and lymphatic drainage through reverse osmosis to backlash fluids through the cell wall, leaving a clean, clear, toxin-free matrix.  Enzyme Therapy stimulates fibroblast cells and enhances collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan (GAGS)  production.  It strengthens and firms the skin, improves cellular communication, and induces a "plasmatic effect" by dilating peripheral capillaries and improving oxygen uptake by the cells.  It is true oxygen therapy.  

How long do results last?
This will depend on a a number of factors.  It's reasonable to expect that since most skin conditions may be a result of long term damage, it may take time to reeducate the skin to perform optimally and bring it back to homeostasis to look and feel its best.   You can see visible results after the first treatment and home prescriptives will help to maintain those.  Just like nutrition and exercise are necessary for optimal body health, daily and consistent home care is important for your skin, which is the largest organ of your body.  In addition, clients who have a healthy diet, good water intake, reduce alcohol use and refrain from smoking will have longer lasting results than those who don't.  It is reasonable to expect results to last between your monthly appointments.  

How many treatments do I need and how often do I need to have them?
Skin health is a continuous journey, just like a healthy lifestyle.  The number and frequency of treatments will depend on current skin condition(s), your goals, and desired timeline for results.  We offer a one time treatment to help you look your best for an event like a wedding or a party.  We also help our clients to focus on long term, sustainable results and goals.   Those with significant skin revision goals, a short timeline, seeking dramatic skin revision quickly may be treated weekly for 6-12 weeks with home presectptives to sustain and maintain dramatic results.  For those clients, we can set up a treatment plan with scheduled payments to help with your investment.  All clients can see visible results with their first treatment and, trust us, you'll be hooked.  The majority of clients schedule monthly treatments and maintain beautiful results in between their monthly treatments with DMK's home prescriptives.   

What should I expect during my treatment?

  • Dress comfortably.  Enzymes begin below the collarbone, so you will remove upper clothing and be covered with a drape.

  • We have relaxing music, but feel free to bring your device and earphones to listen to your own music, book, or podcast if you wish.

  • Please come alone to your appointment.  Minor children will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign consent.  

  • New clients, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete the client questionnaire.  We want to do everything we can to customize your treatment to your specific skin condition(s) and needs.  We need every minute of your scheduled service time to give you a fantastic treatment.

  • Your skin will be assessed and analyzed.  We will then thoroughly cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin.   This helps to begin the microcirculation process so your Enzyme Therapy can perform optimally.

  • The enzyme or mixture of enzymes is brushed onto the skin and remains for 45 minutes.  The mask will harden and you will likely feeling a pulsing sensation in the area being treated.  This is the enzyme working its magic and gently flushing toxins from the cells and delivering freshly oxygenated blood to the tissue.  The mask will feel very tight, and this is completely normal.

  • The enzyme is removed with a good amount of water and warm towels.  You won't be having your best hair day when you leave, even though we do our best not to mess it up too badly.  We're sorry ... it's a little unavoidable (but totally worth a bit of a bad hair day).  

  • Your skin may have a noticeable "capillary map" on the treated area.  This is DMKs famous "plasmatic effect" and indicates true oxygenation of the tissue.  The disappears within 30-60 minutes.

  • Finishing products will be used on the skin for a beautiful outcome.

  • There is no downtime.  Barring an unexpected reaction, your skin should be GLOWING when you leave.

  • Home Prescriptives will be recommended to maintain your results.

How is DMK Skin Revision used in conjunction with dermal fillers and Botox?
Many of us invest in dermal fillers and Botox to keep us looking our best, and DMK treatments can help our investment last longer.  DMK Enzyme Therapy and home prescriptives can be used before and soon after injections and ensures healthier skin to inject into.  Fillers last longer in skin with optimal structural integrity and free water levels.

How is DMK Skin Revision used in conjunction with surgical procedures?
Healthy skin responds best to surgical procedures and recovers quickly after.  DMK professional treatments and home prescriptives can be used up until surgery.  Home prescriptives may be used immediately after and we can tailor a program to encourage healing.  DMK Enzyme Therapy may resume 5 days post operatively to reduce healing time, bruising, and swelling.  Beta Gel can be used at home to boost the skin's immune response and reduce inflammation.

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