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Permanent Makeup

Why should you choose Skin Spa Utah?
In the state of Utah, microblading and permanent makeup are not licensed practices.  There are many practitioners who have not been formally trained in a school.  An "artist" can quite literally take a two day microblading course with no prior experience and go into business.   Applying permanent makeup requires the practitioner to enter the sterile layer of your skin.  Going to a practitioner who is not properly trained puts you at risk, not only for unfavorable results, but also significant health risks.  

Our artist has over 20  years experience as a permanent makeup artist, and was trained for the procedure in a certified school, and has done hundreds of procedures.  She has also received advanced permanent makeup training In Europe.  In addition she is  a licensed master aesthetician with over 20  years experience, including nine years experience working in a medical spa and plastic surgeon's office.  She understands color theory, sanitation requirements, blood borne illness risks, and medical contraindications that are necessary to provide you with a safe, comfortable procedure.  She provides exceptional work, done in a safe and caring environment, for  a fair and reasonable price.

You get to choose.....
Skin Spa Utah is one of the few practices that offer permanent makeup with either Softap (hand applied) or digital rotary pen.  Most artists only offer one method.​They are different modalities, but both result in a beautiful outcome.  

At Skin Spa Utah, your new permanent makeup procedure always includes a complimentary enhancement session.
All procedures include a complimentary enhancement session after 30 days and within 90 days to make sure you permanent makeup looks its best.   Complementary touch ups must be completed within 90 days. 


Microblading/Hairstroke Brows/3D Brows/Eyebrow Embroidery

No matter what you call these, they are absolutely beautiful.  Tiny, individual semi-permanent hairstrokes are gently placed in the upper layers of then skin, resulting in a delicate, natural look.  Each set of brows is truly a work of art.  Microblading is hand created with a small implement and lasts 12-18 months before it needs to be touched up so you'll always have perfect, natural-looking brows.

Microblading gives guests with little or no brow hair a beautiful new frame to their face.  Uneven or thinning brow areas can be beautifully filled.  Guests who already have full brows love microblading because it allows us to fix tiny imperfections between the brows and adds gentle color that completely eliminates the need for brow pencil or brow dying.

See the Microblading page for more information and FAQs.

Microblading $450 (please see Microblading page for touch up information)
Bareface Brow - $485 full microblading with soft stardust fill (the best of both worlds and the most beautiful brow you can imagine)


Eyebrows - Powder Fill/Shadow Brow Fill/Ombre Brow

Eyebrows are our speciality, and we offer solid, powder brow color, individual hair stroke/3D brows, and Ombre/Stardust brows for which our artistwas trained in Europe.  All heal to a completely natural look.

​Have you permanently lost hair in your eyebrows due to tweezing or shaving? Are you applying brow pencil every day in order to compensate for this? Do you have problems drawing them on straight? Wouldn't you just love to get up every morning with perfectly shaped, beautiful, natural looking brows? 

Now you can with permanent cosmetics. If you are active and have a busy lifestyle, you will love the many advantages that permanent makeup has to offer. Not only will you have more time to do other things, you will feel wonderful knowing that you always look fabulous.

No matter what shape your brows are in now, permanent eyebrows can help you achieve anything from a subtle enhancement of color to a complete reconstruction of your existing eyebrow.  Anyone who uses and eyebrow pencil will love having this procedure.  It will look even better than your own makeup, but won't need to be applied every day.  Eyebrows provide framework for the face, and you will enjoy beautiful brows each day with no effort.

Ombre/Shadow/Powder Brow Fill $450


Your eyes are the focal point of your face and they are often the first thing that people notice about you.  Eyeliner can make you look younger, healthier, sexier, and more polished. However, putting on eyeliner and then taking it off every day is very tedious.  A lot of eyeliner smudges and runs into your eyes, irritating them and ruining your look.

With permanent makeup, your eyeliner will be beautiful, comfortable, and smudgeproof every day, even when you first wake up.  Permanent eyeliner will give you beautiful, full, and sexy lash lines that are practically maintenance free, allowing you can look your best, 24/7.

​Permanent eyeliner takes the worry out of swimming, sleeping in late, or just being busy or in a hurry.  Pigment is applied directly onto the lash line and in between the lashes and can be done on both upper and lower lids.  Eyes will look larger and more defined - permanently!

Eyeliner $425
​Shadow/Stardust Liner $475

Eyeliner with waterline $495


As we age, lips loose color, fullness, and definition.  Lips can be enhanced by using pigment that is very natural in appearance and is available in many shades.  Permanent cosmetics can give you anything from a slight shape adjustment to a complete recoloring of your existing lip. The results are so natural only you will know the difference.  Natural imperfections, such as poor shape or receded lips, can be corrected. You don't have to have perfectly molded lips to have permanent makeup, and adjustments can be made in design to give you the illusion of younger, fuller lips.

​Permanent cosmetics for lips is perfect for those who:

  • Have pale lips but want more color

  • Have thin lips but want fuller looking lips

  • Have irregularly shaped lips but want more symmetry/better shape

  • Don't want to worry about lipstick every day

Nothing brightens the face like beautiful, vibrant lips.

Full color fill $525



Full Face Package

Receive any two treatments on the same day and $25 will be deducted from the price of the second treatment.  Eyebrows, eyeliner, and full lip color applied on the same day will receive a $100 discount.


Color Reboost/Touch Ups

Over time, permanent makeup can fade and you'll want a color re-boost.  Many clients choose to do this every year or two.  Microblade brows usually require a touchup within 12-18 months, and special touch up prices are available for that service.  Please see the microblading page for more information. 


Areola Restoration • Scar Revision • Color Correction


Clients with unfavorable results or poor colors from prior permanent makeup may have a color or shape correction.  Breast cancer survivors can have areolas restored with permanent makeup for a natural, three-dimensional appearance.  Discolored skin and scars can also be treated and camouflaged with permanent makeup.  Male hairlines or balding areas can be camouflaged with natural looking follicles.  These services require a consultation before treatment.

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