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Why Choose Skin Spa utah's ACNE BOOTCAMP?

Have you tried everything for your acne and not achieved results in clearing it?  Have you been given prescriptions by a dermatologist that don't work?  Tried Proactiv only to keep seeing breakouts?  Considered Accutane but didn't want the risk of dangerous side effects?  

At Skin Spa Utah, we have treated acne since 2001 and offer a superior acne treatment program that WORKS to get your skin clear and keep it clear.  You will be treated by a Licensed Master Aesthetician who is also a certified Face Reality Advanced Acne Specialist.  Our clients choose to be treated by an acne certified  aesthetician at the Acne Bootcamp for a number of reasons:

  • We are truly the only full service acne care clinic in the entire state of Utah and have been treating acne for over 20 years.  We are so serious about treating acne, we even care a line of acne-safe makeup, shaving products, and supplements.  There's no need to go anywhere else or order online - Skin Spa has everything you need. 

  • We use all modalities - including HydraFacial, DMK Enzyme Therapy, Geneo, Microcurrent, Ultrasound, and Microneedling to treat your acne and acne scarring.

  • We have more time to spend with each client than many physicians will

  • We listen carefully to client concerns

  • We offer an acne treatment program that will work to get skin clear!  Clients on our program have a 98% clear rate in as little as 8-12 weeks without the use of Accutane, antibiotics, or other prescription drugs or products.  Most clients see dramatic improvement within 30 days.

  • We stay current with the latest information on how to successfully treat acne

  • We offer the best and most effective products with no need for prescription drugs

  • We have compassion and empathy for every client

  • We give clients honest and straightforward answers

  • We are one of only a few certified Face Reality Acne Specialists in the entire state of Utah

  • Each client is guided through every step of the process of getting and keeping the skin clear

  • Extractions are performed during every treatment

  • Our clients do not have to experience irritated, dry skin while getting clear

  • The acne treatment program and protocols offered at Skin Spa are based on the extensive research and teachings of Dr. James Fulton, Jr. M.D., PhD - one of the most renowned acne experts in the world, and co-developer of Retin-A and developer of benzoyl peroxide for the treatment of acne.

  • Our clients love the caring, compassionate help we provide. 

A testimonial from one of our clients:
I stumbled across Skin Spa Utah on Facebook, and let me tell you....I am SO GLAD that I did! Since my very first appointment with Kimee, she has worked magic on my skin. I had continuously struggled with Acne my entire adolescence and into early adulthood. Prior to Skin Spa Utah, I had been seeing a dermatologist to address my acne for over a year and a half, and the only results came at a cost: chronic use of oral antibiotics that wreak havoc on your system and topical creams that actually ended up causing embarrassing hyper-pigmentation. To combat this, the dermatologist recommended aesthetic treatments that only made it worse! After meeting Kimee, I haven't been back to the dermatologist once.

Skin Spa Utah has a knack for treating patients with a comprehensive holistic approach, knowing what's best for your skin then and with continued care. I started the Face Reality acne program, and on the first visit I was sent home with information about lifestyle choices and ingredients in products that can cause acne, putting real power to change things into my hands. I went home and did a deep clean of all my products that were contributing to the problem, because as I've learned through Skin Spa Utah, what you do at home on a routine basis is one of the most important parts to maintaining healthy, clear skin.

Skin Spa Utah not only treated my acne, but also got me picture perfect for a wedding I attended in San Francisco. I have the best makeup and home care products, and for months, I had been prepped with chemical peels, micro-needling, and eyelash extensions for the big day. I cannot express how happy I am with my 

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