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Hello, beautiful

Since 2001, Skin Spa Utah offers advanced, holistic acne solutions and corrective skin revision experiences. 

Best Acne Treatment 2023 & 2024

Corrective skin revision & acne treatment
with a holistic approach

Kimee is an award-winning aesthetician with over two decades of experience. She stays current with all of the newest technology, while always being connected to traditional, tried, and true.  


She’ll partner with you to determine the root cause of your skin concerns, implement a personalized plan, and guide you through your skin revision journey.  


Most importantly, you’ll be completely and genuinely valued and cared for.

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Where do I start?

Start by booking your first appointment! If you have acne, choose the New Client Acne treatment.  And you can never go wrong with a HydraFacial or DMK Enzyme Therapy. Do you need help choosing the perfect first treatment? Call Kimee at 801-792-7994.

Shop our professionally curated products

We’re as obsessed with radiant, healthy skin as much as you are!  Every product available at Skin Spa Utah has been meticulously researched and chosen based on the highest professional standards with one thing in mind: results.

Are you ready to
transform your skin?

Skin Spa Utah offers results oriented corrective skin revision and acne care.  Our expertise, personalized consultations, bespoke protocols, and hand-curated skin care will leave you confident in your glowing, healthy skin.

What our clients have to say


“I felt so hopeless about my acne before seeing kimee. She completely changed things for me, and just after 2 months I felt like I was starting to get my normal skin back and feel confident again. She is the most amazing person ever and provides such a relaxing experience. She is truly here to help you reach your skin goals and makes you feel supported throughout the whole process. She will always work with you to do what’s best for your skin needs and won’t ever encourage you buy things you don’t need!”

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